Implode and explode in PHP with example

Implode and explode in PHP

Implode and explode in PHP are the two built-in functions of PHP. These are widely used in web applications. Sometimes, we want to insert a similar set of elements like selecting multiple dropdown values or inserting multiple checkbox values into the database in PHP.

With the help of implode functions, we can do this. In this tutorial, I will explain these two functions one by one.

Illustration of Implode and Explode in PHP

Implode function takes the input array elements one by one and holds the elements using a separator and returns a string by joining all the elements of the array with the separator.

Syntex:- implode(separator, array)


  • “separator” separates the resultant string.
  • and “array” is the input array that is taken as the multiple inputs.

In this example, assume that we have a list of cars as an array that has to be shown or inserted in the database.

$cars = array(‘Maruti’, ‘Volvo’, ‘BMW’, ‘Marcedes’);

Now, if you want to echo the car’s array then you have to wrap the above array using the implode() function as shown below.


$cars = array('Maruti','Volvo','BMW','Marcedes');

echo implode(' , ', $cars).'<br>';
echo implode(' + ', $cars).'<br>';
echo implode(' and ', $cars).'<br>';
echo implode(' or ', $cars);



Maruti , Volvo , BMW , Marcedes
Maruti + Volvo + BMW + Marcedes
Maruti and Volvo and BMW and Marcedes
Maruti or Volvo or BMW or Marcedes

I have used four types of separators for the same array. You can use the separator as per your choice.

Explode function is opposite to the implode function. This function breaks a string and store all the string elements using a separator in an array and return the array one by one.

Syntex:- explode(separator, array)


  • “separator” separates the string elements
  • “array” is the input string

In this example, we will break the above cars array one by one with the help of for loop.

Note:- Try to use for loop while using the explode function


$cars = array('Maruti','Volvo','BMW','Marcedes');

   echo 'The name of the car is  '.$cars[$i].'<br>';



The name of the car is Maruti
The name of the car is Volvo
The name of the car is BMW
The name of the car is Marcedes

Conclusion:- I hope this tutorial will help you to understand the concept of implode and explode functions. If there is any doubt then please leave a comment below.

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