What is Constructor in PHP

Constructor in PHP is declared with __construct() function uing double underscore. When we define a class, we declare individual set methods to access the particular property of that class but if we initialize a constructor inside the parent class, then no need to include set methods. It helps us to reduce the number of set … Read more

OOPS concepts in PHP with realtime examples

OOPS means object-oriented programming. As we all know that object-oriented programming is better than procedural programming. In procedural programming, we can write functions that contain operations on data but in object-oriented programming, we can write functions that contain both data and objects. It is based on classes and objects. Let us discuss the oops concepts … Read more

Managed vs. Unmanaged Web Hosting – Key Differences & Considerations

One of the most important components of every Internet-based business is hosting. It’s crucial to pick the proper provider to give your website strong foundations, such as the capacity to handle traffic surges and avoid downtime. In addition to a host’s servers’ technical competence, factors like supplementary services and the kind of customer assistance they … Read more

Variables in Python with Examples

Variables in Python are declared using some set of rules as given below When you declare a variable in python then it must start with a letter or underscore character. You can not start with numbers or digit while declaring python variables. The variables consist of alphabets and numbers i.e. alphanumeric characters and underscore such … Read more

Do While Loop in C with example

A do-while loop in C is also used to execute and repeat a block of statements depending on a certain condition. It has the following form do{ <statement Block>}while(<condition>); where the <condition> is the relational or logical expression that will have the value true or false. When the above statement is executed, the computer will … Read more