JSON encode and decode in PHP

Hi friends, in this tutorial you will learn JSON encode and decode in PHP. Before getting started with JSON with respect to PHP, you must know what JSON means exactly. JSON is nothing but a javascript object notation with a specific syntax or format as shown below. {‘key’:value,’key1′:value1,’key2′:value2,’key3′:value3} Why we use JSON:- However, if we … Read more

PHP Rest API Example

Hi friends, if you are wondering on how to create a PHP Rest API or perform a CRUD operation using PHP Rest API then you have come to the right place. Creation of rest API is very easy and I am going to explain it in a step-by-step process. In this example, you will learn … Read more

Razorpay payment gateway integration in PHP

Hi friends, in this tutorial, you will learn the procedure of Razorpay payment gateway integration in PHP. Razorpay is one of the most reliable gateways and it is very simple to integrate than other gateways it accepts almost all the payment options such as debit, credit, net banking, UPI, and other digital wallets. If you … Read more

PHP JSON to Array with Example

In this tutorial, you will learn how to decode PHP JSON to array with a detailed explanation. This is a very important feature often used in web development but before getting started, we must know about JSON as mentioned below What is JSON JSON is a javascript object notation and text-based format that is used … Read more

What is Constructor in PHP

Constructor in PHP is declared with __construct() function uing double underscore. When we define a class, we declare individual set methods to access the particular property of that class but if we initialize a constructor inside the parent class, then no need to include set methods. It helps us to reduce the number of set … Read more

OOPS concepts in PHP with realtime examples

OOPS means object-oriented programming. As we all know that object-oriented programming is better than procedural programming. In procedural programming, we can write functions that contain operations on data but in object-oriented programming, we can write functions that contain both data and objects. It is based on classes and objects. Let us discuss the oops concepts … Read more

Convert Numbers to Words in PHP

In this tutorial, we will not discuss step-by-step how to convert numbers to words in PHP. This feature is very important and plays a vital role in displaying the invoice amounts in the custom application software, billing software, etc. In this example, multiple functions have been used to display the converted result. Below I will … Read more