For Loop Statement in C With Example

For loop statement in C is used to execute and repeat a block of statements based on a certain condition. It has the following form: Syntax:- for(<initial value>; <condition>; <increment>){ <statement block>} whereas the <initial value> is the kind of assignment expression that initializes the value of a variable.<condition> is a relational or logical expression … Read more

Input Output Functions in C Language with Examples

Hi friends, in this tutorial, you will know the input output functions in C language. Basically, there are two functions mainly to read input from input devices and display the output to the output devices. Let’s discuss them one by one. Also read, Constant in C with Example Below are the two input output functions … Read more

Constant in C With Example

A constant in C is the unchanged value of a variable during the execution of the program. Suppose, if you declared an integer variable with a value of 10 as a constant variable and you want to change the value of that variable or assign a new value to that variable next time then you … Read more