How to Get Only Date from Timestamp in PHP

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get only date from timestamp in PHP. Timestamp or date-time object is very essential in creating dynamic web applications. It helps us to know the exact time and store the time in our MySQL database while inserting the data in the database or updating the data in […]

Inner Join in MySQL with conditions by example

Before getting started with the inner join in MySQL with conditions examples, let’s know about the inner join keyword and its syntax. What is inner join in SQL/MySQL Inner join is used when we want to collect the data or rows between two tables or from multiple tables in the database. When the inner join […]

GROUP_CONCAT() example in MySQL with Join

In MySQL, sometimes we need to fetch the particular column value of multiple rows using the same id i.e. the foreign key that belongs to the primary key of the other table. As such, with the help of the GROUP_CONCAT() example in MySQL, we can do this. GROUP_CONCAT() function in MySQL with Join Suppose we […]

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