How to create laravel project from scratch step by step

How To Create Laravel Project From Scratch

In order to create laravel project from scratch including authentication in a simple way, we have to follow the below guidelines. We have to download and install the composer file that is important for the laravel application to start. You can download the composer file directly from this website. download the composer here. After the … Read more

Inner Join in MySQL with conditions by example

Before getting started with the inner join in MySQL with conditions examples, let’s know about the inner join keyword and its syntax. What is inner join in SQL/MySQL? Inner join is used when we want to collect the data or rows between two tables or from multiple tables in the database. When the inner join … Read more

GROUP_CONCAT() example in MySQL with Join

In MySQL, sometimes we need to fetch the particular column value from multiple rows using the same id i.e. the foreign key that belongs to the primary key of the other table. As such, with the help of the GROUP_CONCAT() example in MySQL, we can do this. This function is used very rare but it … Read more

PHP difference between two dates in years, months and days

To calculate the PHP difference between two dates in years, months, and days, we have to use three functions strtotime() function floor() function() abs() function Read Here, strtotime, floor and abs functions in PHP Let us consider two dates and store in variables.$date1 = ‘2016-06-01’;$date2 = ‘2020-08-08’; Now, the difference between these two dates will … Read more

strtotime,floor,abs,ceil functions in PHP

strtotime():- This function converts and English text DateTime into a unique timestamp but we have to wrap the result using this date format date(‘Y-m-d’) to avoid the errors. For example The output is 2020-01-01 floor():- This function returns a number down to its nearest integer. For example The output will be like this—- Ceil():- This … Read more