Input Output Functions in C Language with Examples

Hi friends, in this tutorial, you will know the input output functions in C language. Basically, there are two functions mainly to read input from input devices and display the output to the output devices. Let’s discuss them one by one. Also read, Constant in C with Example Below are the two input output functions … Read more

Allow Only Numbers in Textbox Javascript

Hi friends, today in this tutorial you will learn how to allow only numbers in textbox javascript. Also, there are other ways to do this but it will be done with the help of the javascript event handler function onkeypress() by passing an event parameter. Also read, Google places autocomplete example using maps JavaScript API … Read more

Convert Numbers to Words in PHP

In this tutorial, we will not discuss step-by-step how to convert numbers to words in PHP. This feature is very important and plays a vital role in displaying the invoice amounts in the custom application software, billing software, etc. In this example, multiple functions have been used to display the converted result. Below I will … Read more

Operators in C with examples

In this tutorial, you will learn the operators in c with examples one by one. C language uses different types of operators as given below Arithmetic operators Relational operators Logical operators Increment and decrement operators Assignment operators Conditional operator Bitwise operators Arithmetic Operators:- Arithmetic operators are used to perform various kinds of arithmetic operations. Also … Read more

Variable Declaration in C With Example

In this tutorial, you will learn the variable declaration in C language. A variable is an identifier or a name that is used to refer to a value and this value varies or changes during the program execution. A variable is written with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters or underscores with the … Read more

Constant in C With Example

A constant in C is the unchanged value of a variable during the execution of the program. Suppose, if you declared an integer variable with a value of 10 as a constant variable and you want to change the value of that variable or assign a new value to that variable next time then you … Read more

Media Query CSS For All Devices With Example

In this tutorial, I will discuss the media query CSS for all devices. Actually, media query CSS or CSS3 comes from CSS2. In CSS2 the @media rule, all the styles were based on different types of devices like computer screens, printers and television, and so on. On the other hand, media queries css3 inherits the … Read more